NHS, Ripple Project

An NHS run project 'Ripple' commisioned a team of young creatives to work alongside patients diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) at their local Coventry Clinic. The project named ‘ripple’ had recently started which saw four sites in the West Midlands hold classes and clinic’s for sufferers of the disease. At the class’s patients would play Bingo and part-take in a variety of activities but most importantly it gave a sense of community to their once fairly isolated life.

Our job was to create promotional material, for the NHS to use at conferences to show how well the project has been working. The brief was fairly open, however, there was a stong want and need for a calming and unique illustrative style. The material produced ranged from, information graphics, posters, a short animation and a interview based video.

Project Managing

In collaboration with:
Jack Howell - Animation
Irina Catana - Video

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